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We’re mobilising a generation of young activists to win campaigns for an economically fair future.

Who We Are

The “economy” is not inherently good. The economy should work for us, we don’t work for the economy. Policies that are good for people, are good for our society.

Despite the sacrifices most of  our parents made, things are getting harder – not easier – for young people to get a good start in life. Young people are working harder than ever to get ahead, but the system has been stacked against us. Governments continue to decrease the HECs threshold, and sit by whilst landlords hike up rents.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to study what they love without a lifetime of debt. We invest in schools because we want people to become doctors, lawyers, farmers, mechanics, artists, etc. Society benefits when people are well educated in fields they’re passionate about.

A good education should level the playing field and create equal opportunity for all of us. But young people all over the country are being locked out by high fees and expensive accommodation.

No one should have to worry about how to keep a roof over their head. No matter your background, your education, or your circumstances–you should have a place to call home.

For too long our leaders have ignored, politicised, and ridiculed young Australians. They have made choices that threaten our future. Every day we continue on a path towards a future that’s been set for us, not by us. Young people, no matter their circumstances, should be able to study what they love, be paid a living wage for their work, and live in safe accommodation without being overwhelmed with debt. Years of government policies have taken away educational opportunities from young people, riddled us with debt, and put us on a path paved with uncertainty.

Young people have intelligent contributions to make to public discourse but aren’t given the opportunity. Our world is facing unprecedented challenges that will require young people to solve. The only way forward is together. And we need to create a society that allows everyone to take ownership of the solutions to our biggest challenges.

Everyone deserves a fair go. All people deserve the opportunity to get ahead, without huge debts hanging over their heads. Government after government have implemented policies that ensure young people are disadvantaged from the start.

If good governments stood up to vested interests, everyone would enjoy a better life. We could create better schools, transport, and make sure everyone everyone has a roof over their heads.

Fairness and equality should be at the core of all decision-making for this generation, and the ones to come.