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Sco Mo and Josh Frydenberg: this budget is a shit sandwich for young people.

Add your name and suggest a sandwich filling if you reckon this budget is shit for young people and our government needs to do better. If we hit 500 signatures we will send Sco Mo and Chris Bowen the most voted shit sandwich.

Our Letter To Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg

Dear Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg,

It’s time to stop balancing the books on the back of young people.

Your budget is clearly designed to win votes in an election year. But it doesn’t make up for the years of neglect and disregard for Australian young people.

This budget once again does nothing to address the climate crisis or make it easier for young people on Youth Allowance or Newstart. It’s all well and good to fund youth mental health but not if you don’t address the systemic conditions that make us sad and stressed.

I call on your government to start budgeting for a society where all young people have access to education, stable employment and affordable housing.

You should be doing everything in your power to create a fair and safe future for all of us instead of creating a surplus for some.

If you hope to remain relevant to young voters, you will need to start governing for us.

Yours sincerely,

[Petition signatories]