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What’s your story being young chasing education, employment and housing?

We’re collecting stories from everyday young Australians to show the issues that affect us and shape our early campaign solutions. What’s life like on Newstart? Did you have to choose between dinner and lunch on Youth Allowance? What’s your TAFE experience? What was the shittest compulsory course you had to do at university?

Every young person has an important story to tell. What’s yours?

“I came to understand quite quickly that politics is a field comprised of people who came from reasonably similar backgrounds and life experiences, and yet none of them really looked like me.

It’s hard to see your interests represented when there’s nobody in parliament you can identify with. When I vote, it’s because I want to see a parliament with more women, more young people, more people of colour, more people who live with disabilities. I want to see a parliament that is comprised of diverse people who stand with us, not people who speak for us.” Kate, 20.