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Train and campaign with 20 young activists for a fairer future where all of us have equal access to quality education and stable employment. 


YOUNG Campaigners Collective is an opportunity for 20 young people to receive training and support to organise and run campaigns for our economic justice. This is a 6-month program where we will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge you need as you fight for accessible education, stable employment and fairer internships.



Application Deadline ⛺ 

Melbourne Collective – Feb 16th 

Campaigners Camp ⛺ 

Melbourne Collective – March 1st – 3rd  Camp Eureka, Melbourne

The first stage of this program will be a weekend retreat where we will get to know each other, learn valuable campaigning skills, and dive deeply into planning and preparing for 2019.

Campaigning Time ⏲️

March – August 19’ 

It’s time to take to lead our campaigns for a fairer future by taking action in your local community.


Stage 1 | Campaigners Camp 

The first stage of this program will be a weekend retreat where we will get to know each other, learn valuable campaigning skills, and dive deeply into planning and preparing for 2019.

This is a more detailed breakdown of what the weekend will involve:

  • Economic Justice Campaigns Briefing
  • Building Powerful Campaigns Feat. Leading Young Activists
  • Non-Violent Direct Action Workshop… Protesting + taking activism to the streets
  • Personal Narrative Workshop…How to talk about your story
  • Relational Conversations Workshop…How to have a good chat about the issues that matter 2 you.
  • Team Building and Sustainability Workshop
  • MP Meetings Workshop
  • Digital Campaigning Workshop


Melbourne – Friday the 1st to Sunday the 3rd of March, leave the city by 5.15pm and arrive back by about 6.30pm


Melbourne – Camp Eureka, 100 Tarrango Rd, Yarra Junction VIC 3797

This venue is partially accessible for people using mobility devices. Please get in touch with us for further information.

Cost: $50  

Stage 2 | Campaigning Time | March – September 19’

The second component of this campaign will focus on taking action in your community. You will be given the opportunity to direct how you will be involved in the six-month period. You can join one of four different teams that each lead an element of YOUNG’s work in the community including choosing which campaign you work on, focusing on education or employment. You will be required to remain in regular contact with your fellow participants, attend fortnightly webinars and monthly events.



  • 16 – 30 Years Old
  • Passionate about economic justice
  • Keen to try new things and give things a go
  • Works well with others and is able to support their peers to learn and grow
  • Able to commit to 6 months of action (or more) with YOUNG (we will support you throughout this entire time)

Application Process

We’ll be getting in touch with applicants as you apply, so get your application in as soon as you can. Your last chance to submit an application will be 10 am on Monday, February 4th.

Scholarship and Accessibility

Please note in the application form if you would like to apply for a scholarship and we will be in touch soon to sort out the logistics of this. Requesting a scholarship will not impact the outcome of your application in any way.

If there are any other barriers to your attendance, email sawsan@youngcampaigns.org and we will work together to make sure these things are not a barrier to your attendance.

Get in touch

If you have any questions regarding the program email YOUNG’s Organising Director, Sawsan Alfayadh on sawsan@youngcampaigns.org. 


Register Your Interest

Keen but not ready to apply yet? Let us know below.