//We Must Raise The Rate For Everyone, Not Just For Some

We Must Raise The Rate For Everyone, Not Just For Some

YOUNG Campaigns is calling on the government to provide immediate support to everyone out of work during the COVID-19 crisis by raising the rate of Youth Allowance, JobSeeker and related payments by at least $100 a week. 

Today the Australian Financial Review reported a government proposal that workers who lose their job during the COVID-19 crisis will receive a new, higher rate of income support than people already on Newstart, Youth Allowance or JobSeeker payments. This shows that the government knows these payments are not high enough to begin with.

The rate of these support payments has not increased in real terms in over 26 years and remains far too low to live on. 

YOUNG Campaigns welcomes action to support people through this crisis and demands that all support payments be extended to include people who were not working before this crisis began.

Quotes from Cat Nadel, YOUNG Campaigns Director:

“If Youth Allowance and JobSeeker are not enough for newly unemployed people to live on, then they were never enough for anyone to live on. Everyone needs to be adequately supported through this crisis.”

“We are calling on the government to support everyone to live through this crisis. Prime Minister Morrison needs to raise the rate for everyone. 

“We hear so many stories of young people on payments sleeping rough, skipping meals and medication because the welfare rate is so low. People should have their basic needs met, now and always.” 

Quotes from Jasmine Walker, a 23 year old hospitality worker on Youth Allowance who yesterday learned she will have no shifts until July: 

“Youth Allowance is not enough for me to survive off alone. That’s why I also rely on income from casual work.”

“It makes no sense to have two systems when so many people on Youth Allowance are also casually employed. All payments should be raised to the higher rate to ensure all people not in work can survive”

Cat can be contacted for further comment on:

M. 0418 375 905

E. Cat@youngcampaigns.org

Jasmine can be contacted for further comment at:

M. 0435 591 204

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